Services & Process

Our Unique Advantage

We are 56-years devoted to multifamily and the people who build it. Our unique value proposition integrates construction execution with decades of development success. Hundreds of successful communities and over 53 HUD guarantees inform our process. Having walked in multifamily developer’s shoes gives us a keen understanding of client goals, needs, and issues. Since 2018, we have been a growing construction subsidiary of Kajima, backed by the financial guarantee of this ENR TOP 20 Global Giant. Our expertise includes:

  • Market-rate
  • Workforce
  • Affordable
  • Senior Housing

Flournoy Construction Group is known throughout the Southeast for a tradition of high-quality construction.

The success of every building project depends on a team commitment, so our experienced staff works closely with the client, designer, trade partner and others to define solutions, overcome challenges and deliver a project of which we can all be proud.  We offer a complete range of construction services:

Conceptual Planning

Quality and cost-efficiency require a strong and tested initial concept—aligned with both your project site and vision. Our success strategy begins with this critical process which creates momentum and market position for your project with each step.

Beautiful Design

Because we walked in developers’ shoes, we’ve learned to ask the right questions and recruit the right partners to guide team planning. We test options so you’re always moving toward your vision. The benefit is you saving money and leasing sooner.

Construction Management

We learned this business from developers, side-by-side from day one. Our only priority is the ideal fulfillment of your vision.

Quality Assurance

Assuring quality starts well before construction with informed material and trade partner selections. Our decades of experience have helped us forge trade and supplier relationships. We work to perfect both the process and sequence, to consistently deliver excellence.


Our 50+ year market commitment has created a culture of long-term value. Because we focus on real value during every phase of your project, warranty consideration always at top of mind. Your vision is realized with full confidence and no ifs, ands, or buts.


We learned early on that “finished” means full occupancy, and every system in full operation. Our job is done when you and your team have complete control of the customer experience.

Safety Program

A safe project is the result of hours of preparation and is a direct reflection of the strength of the trust, care, and credibility within the team. A safe environment is built on the foundation of safe work practices, including communication, cooperation, cleanliness, organization, careful logistical planning, separation of work and equipment.

Active cooperation and training is a measurable part of our safety program—key to preventing accidents, injuries, claims, or delay.

Our Safety Training Program provides:

  • Safety Scorecard
  • Certified OSHA Instruction
  • Comprehensive Safety Manual and Training
  • Regular Safety Inspections
  • Monthly Safety Meetings
  • Record Keeping