About Us

Who We Are

With over 56 years of multifamily building experience, our applied industry expertise drives excellence at Flournoy Construction Group.  With it we take ownership of the plan, budget, and execution with quiet confidence.

Meet Our Team

Core Value #1

We Bleed Flournoy Green

Our employees are loyal to the team, with an eight-year average tenure for construction employees. Across all departments, employees have been here between five and thirty years. With this dedication comes a high level of service to our clients, instilled early and often in our employees’ careers.

Core Value #2

We Have Quiet Confidence

Professionalism means doing what is right for the client, every time, but it also means remaining humble about good work. We let our quality construction speak for itself.

Core Value #3

We Are Dynamic

We know what is required at every step of a project. We’ve worked closely with development groups, so we truly understand what it means to make your vision a reality from idea to delivery. We’ve been in your shoes, which makes us a valuable resource well beyond the construction phase.

Core Value #4

We Are Accountable

We always finish the job, period. We are proud of our record of seeing every project through to completion. In the last eight years, we have delivered 8,500 units across the Southeast.

Core Value #5

A Sense of Urgency

Foundational to The Flournoy Way, a sense of urgency inspires everything we do. From project leadership to problem solving, from recruiting to promotion--urgency is observable in our words and actions.

Flournoy Construction Group is the right partner to get the job done.